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Our Employment Services assist jobseekers with disabilities who reside throughout Osceola, Orange, Polk and Seminole Counties in gaining employment. Our services begin with a comprehensive person-centered process called Discovery.

We get to know the jobseeker by speaking with family and others who know best. We then provide activities for the jobseeker, so we can see them in a variety of settings while also revealing their talents and skills.

The results of this process are vocational themes that help the employment specialist find competitive or customized employment opportunities that best match the jobseekers abilities and interests.

As opposed to traditional vocational evaluations that focus on the jobseeker's deficits, this comprehensive process focuses on what the jobseeker can do and results in much better outcomes.


Those who seek traditional wage employment are supported through the application and interview process. Once a jobseeker is given an offer of employment we act as a consultant for the employer, providing supplemental on-the-job training support, if requested.

Finally, after the new employee is stabilized, we are able to provide on-going support to ensure that the employee continues to thrive as well as to assist in further career enhancement opportunities.

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